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For those who have currently had an offer or perhaps a FOS decision

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For those who have currently had an offer or perhaps a FOS decision

The Administrators will set your redress quantity during the biggest of:

  • exactly exactly exactly just what the Claims Calculator claims;
  • any last Response offer from WDA; and
  • the worthiness of redress decided by the Financial Ombudsman.

Clients whom nevertheless owe a stability

Those who had a stability outstanding and who should get redress got a message through the Administrators with all the topic important info about your loan .

These email messages had been delivered to you aren’t a stability and a redress quantity determined, just because they will haven’t submitted a problem.

The Administrators’ proposals had been agreed, therefore the figures in these e-mails are no“provisional” but final longer.

In the event that you still owe cash following this decrease. listed here is a good example of the key numbers:

  • Outstanding loan stability at 25 2019 per CTL’s records 420 february
  • Less: Provisional stability modification (165)
  • Provisionally adjusted loan stability 255 .

In the event the redress is smaller compared to the total amount, you are going to nevertheless owe some cash – £255 when you look at the above instance.

Where somebody has just had one loan, it appears to be as if the total amount happens to be paid off to your quantity borrowed less what the client has compensated thus far. This is just what FOS will have decided in the event that loan had been unaffordable.

The Administrators will contact you next couple of weeks to provide you with the bank-account details which will make re re payments to. In the event that you curently have this info as you had been in a repayment arrangement, you possibly can make repayments now if you prefer.

The Administrators is offering loans that are outstanding a debt collector. In the event that you just have actually a little stability left that one can effortlessly clear, you could would like to accomplish that. Or perhaps you can want to make a payment that is affordable utilizing the financial obligation collector.

In the event that redress is bigger than the quantity your debt

In case your determined redress is bigger than your stability your e-mail shall look something such as:

  • Outstanding loan stability at 25 2019 per CTL’s records 240 february
  • Less: Provisional stability modification (240)
  • Provisionally adjusted loan stability Nil .

You may then obtain an email that is furthersee below) saying you may be owed redress.

If you’re owed redress

You will have now been informed associated with determined amount

The Administrators delivered e-mails with all the topic information that is important your redress claim .

  • exactly what your calculated redress quantity is;
  • you are an unsecured creditor with a claim against CTL with this redress quantity;
  • there clearly was key when you look at the e-mail to submit your claim – the due date for carrying this out has passed. You’ll not any longer submit a Claim.

“My bank details have changed”

The publish the Claim web page revealed the final 4 digits of the bank-account quantity that WDA had on file.

It is currently (20 May 2020) far too late to alter the account details when it comes to very first run of repayments. Then of your new account if you do not receive your payment, inform the administrators.

Credit records

The Administrators will update clients’ credit files to get rid of credit documents for loans they’ve determined ought to be refunded as they are improper.

Contacting the Administrators

No phone contact can be done as a result of Coronavirus. The e-mail for contact is:

Coronavirus – can’t pay debts & bills

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